The Kingswood Inn

Kingsville is a great place for amazing Bed and Breakfasts.  Century old homes have been converted to lovely little nooks for a pleasant night’s stay and breakfast in the morning.  There are many, some of which you will find listed on this directory.

This one however is a mystery.  The Kingswood Inn, is a beautiful historic home built in 1859 by Col. James S. King, after whom Kingsville is named. It sits on 3 acres of land on Mill Street between Laurel and McDonald. The lot is enclosed by a stone fence, something you don’t often see.  It was at one time it was a functioning bed and breakfast, although now the family who owns it just chooses to live there, and no longer conduct a full service B&B.  They do however rent out a guestroom.

I went to an excellent garage sale one Saturday afternoon on the front lawn of the Kingswood, and my 2 year old daughter had to go pee.  I was excited about this since it allowed me an opportunity to see inside.  It was exquisite Victorian decor, with high ceilings, rich wooden adornments and intricately patterned rugs.  I would love to see this open again, although in the meantime, it is worth a visit merely for its cultural and historical value.


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