Lake Fish

On Halloween afternoon I was doing my last minute snack shopping at Foodland on Main St, and I decided I wanted to get some popcorn to go along with my afternoon matinee of The Shining.  I noticed it was a peculiar dark colored strain when gentleman spoke over my shoulder,  “That’s a good one.  The kernels stay dark and it pops up real nice and fluffy.”  I was happy to get his input, and he seemed pretty confident about his food knowledge. So I went ahead and bought them… and he was right.  They were delicious.

Later that evening, we were out with my daughter ‘Trick or Treating’, and we walked up a set of stone steps to a beautiful porch only to find the good gentlemen who recommended the popcorn.  Turns out he knew even more about fresh fish; lake fish to be specific.  He spent a good part of his life on a commercial fishing boat in Lake Erie, pulling in perch, pickerel and whitefish.  He even had a couple Sturgeon stories to tell.


The man’s name was Garry Penner, he now works as a real estate agent for Sun County real estate here in Kingsville.  When I asked him where to get fresh lake fish in town, he told me about his little spot, down by the ferry dock;  it is called ‘La Nassa‘.  They have a wonderful selection of local lake fish; including perch, pickerel & white fish; they also carry rainbow trout and east coast salmon.  It is very nondescript, but it is marked with a white flag.


Their prices are quite reasonable (9/lb for perch fillets, $2/lb for dressed whitefish) and their service is friendly.  I was also pleased to find out that La Nassa is currently the only Lake Erie processor to actively participate in the Ministry of Natural Resource’s “Tote Program”. This program constitutes full third party assessment of all lake Erie quota fish assuring our customers the highest quality fish.

Do go for a visit soon; and tell ’em Garry sent ya.