Jacob Gartner

Age: 17

Passion: Vintage machine and camera collector.  He is a wizard at anything that involves technology.

Food: Baked Goods

Music: It was Arcade Fire the last time I saw him.

First Impression: Good Dude.

How he might describe himself: Wierd, Random and Fun, a party animal, and knows how to host a party to remember a life time!!! (I got this from his facebook page)

Where might you find him: Down at the gallery, or at his Mom’s Bakery.


Last night was a great night on Main Street.  The Kimmerly’s invited Toronto hip-hop artist (arrested at the G20 protest) Testament to rEvolution Gallery for a live performance.  The majority of the audience were under the age of 10, and were treated to a politically charged and inspired performance by the young Scarborough native.

I was a little surprised that he (Testament) didn’t edit his set by inserting a ‘flipping’ or ‘dang’ instead of the many expletives he spat out, although since his delivery was honest and authentic, I have to forgive him for that.

The 5 Kimmerly children were in attendance with their mother Tamara and their father Qpaukl, who run the gallery.  Qpaukl is the town tattoo artist and Tamara is a clothing designer – they both work out of the rEvolution space.

Jedi Kimmerly

This is the kind of event this little town needs more of.  It embodied community, youth, music and art;  not to mention it was affordable entertainment for the family.  Did I mention there were free celery sticks?  Thanks again to the Kimmerly’s.