The Harrow Fair

This showcase for Agriculture and Livestock in Essex county has been in existence for 150 years.  There were long haired rabbits, emus, ducks, geese, of course cows, goats and sheep; horses and every sort of show hen imaginable.  My favourite thing is that there was a room specifically for eating pies; blueberry, pecan, bumble-berry, gooseberry, raspberry, strawberry, strawberry-rhubarb, apple and so on…  and the produce contest was outrageous;  I’ve never seen fruits and vegetables so large in my life.  There was a watermelon the size of a pig, and a pumpkin bigger than a Volkswagon Bug.

Fanfare aside, this event opened my eyes to some really beautiful animals.  One in particular was the Jersey cow.  What an elegant looking being.  They are a small breed of dairy cow.  These ones in particular had short chocolate-hair, and they were lean and long.  I’ll tell you, this visit made me think that India’s got it right. The resources that the animals provide with the milk and in turn the cheese, yogurt & cream give them such a value; and their calm demeanor.  It seems like a shame to slaughter them.

The day was topped off with a ferris wheel ride.  We got the see the fairgrounds from a couple of stories up.

What a pleasant day.

See you there next year.  I’ll join you for some pie.

Ice Cream

This kid is happy.  And can you blame him? He’s got a soft ice cream cone in his hands.  This stand is on Division road, a few blocks from Main.  It is a staple summer stop, and my only complaint is that I’ve had to wait 5 people deep each time I’ve gone.  No matter;  it is worth waiting in line for – I prefer mine chocolate dipped, or in a coke float – if you are lucky you’ll burn a few calories while standing there, since you’ll put on a few once you eat one of these guys. One way or the other, the stuff is delicious.

The Main

The Main Grill & Ale is about to open in the building Jack’s used to occupy. The eats are similar, although the decor is a touch more formal. As the name suggests, you will get a nice list of beers to choose from. Overall this is a nice casual dining spot, where you can get a hearty dish for a reasonable buck.

24 Main Street West

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