Gifts of Summer

Wow, summer is something to behold in the deep south of Southern Ontario. To begin with, things grow like the dickens, and this year in particular there’s been an abundance of rain. You’ll sometimes hear folks complaining, (those who had their heart set on working on their bronze tan) but let me tell you, the produce yield we’ve had this year as a result of the extra precipitation has been unreal.

If you venture down the Chrysler Greenway, which runs 42 km from Oldcastle to Leamington, there are many sections lined with lush trees, bushes and flowers; there are even little ravines – rare for the characteristically flat Essex County.  If you look carefully you’ll find a number of wild berry bushes that are chock full with fresh fruits; mostly wild raspberries and mulberries. Bring a basket, or fill your boots – it’s free.  It’s amazing how us Canadians take for granted these kinds of freedoms when right this minute on the other side of the planet there are 10 million people that couldn’t grow one berry if they used all their power and will.  I suppose it is easy to forget when they are on sale at Costco for a 3 bucks a pound.

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