Fantasy of Lights

To kick off the Holiday season, the Town of Kingsville put on an excellent show down at Lakeside Park. As part of the 18th annual Fantasy of Lights, Mayor Santos and 300 or so Villagers donned their toques for the traditional ‘flipping of the switch’ which illuminated the many wire light sculptures that line the park.  The evening was highlighted with a visit from the acutal Santa and Mrs. Claus.  If they weren’t the real ones, they were the best impersonators I have ever seen.  They showed up in an ambulance, which I found a little strange, although it did go off with a lot of fanfare.

Children from the local elementary school sang carols to kick off the musical portion of the festival, which continues throughout the season with 24/7 holiday music on the loudspeakers at the park.  I can hear it from my house.  I think this is awesome for the spirit of the thing, although I wouldn’t want to look at that electricity bill when it is all said and done.

For the Grand Finale, the crowd was then treated to a half hour fireworks show, comparable to any other I’ve seen.  For a small town, this place has a lot of POP.

More info on the festival:

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