Family Garden

My daughter always tells me that the sun is God.  “The rain is God too,” she’ll say… “and so is the moon.”  It is difficult to disagree with her, no matter what your beliefs are — it is pretty unbelievable, the delicate balance that makes up our universe.  Whatever force that is, is something to behold.  Just the right amount of sunshine and rain has provided us with vegetables all summer.  What was buried under 3 feet of snow just 6 months ago, is now filled with fruit bearing plants as tall as I am.

This is only our second garden, and who knows whether we will get any yield next season, although each day we marvel at what the universe has the ability to create.  It also helps to have family and friends who can provide you with some wisdom as well.  Knowledge far more valuable than what Google can provide.  Real stuff – tried, tested and true… we’ve managed to learn a lot.

More than anything, this garden has been a family exercise, with lessons about cycles, sharing and care built right in  — one tills the soil, the other plants the seeds, the little one brings out the watering can…



…and we all can enjoy eating it together.

Soon, I know that lush fruit-bearing patch will once again be covered with snow.  We’ll just have to be patient… until we do it all again next spring.

Wind Power

It is exciting how much wind power southern Essex County is generating. You’ll see a good many of the turbines along hwy 50 on your way to Amherstburg, and even more east on Hwy 3 along the Lake.  It makes me feel better about the energy crisis we are entering into, and beyond that, I think they are awesome looking structures.  So noble, and proud to be collecting so much wind.  Like an enormous pinwheel.

Farmer’s Market?

Why not?

This building is on the ferry dock, facing the Lake Erie shore.  A beautiful brick heritage building that is currently abandoned.  What better place for fresh fish and homegrown bounty?  Mayor Santos?

We could take a small page out of Vancouver’s or Toronto’s book.

If someone knows who owns this building, please email us @