What in the heck!? I understand Kingsville got a shipment of these little buggers in…? I was under the impression that they were reserved for well wooded cottages way up in Northern Ontario. Well evidently not. I was in Lakeside Park last week and what I thought was a harmless housefly began to gnaw away at my anklebone. I am not sure how Southern Ontario came to inherit these little pests, although I think I can speak for everyone when I say we are not very excited about it.

If you aren’t sure what I am referring to – well here is a great little number that will illustrate for you where they might of come from, and where they need to stay; a National Film Board short by Chris Hinton:

Happy Chicken Eggs

Just in time for easter.

Farm fresh free range eggs; 3 bucks per dozen, and these chickens get to run around as they please, just like in Mexico.  You’ll really notice the difference when you crack one open – the yolks are orange rather than the pale yellow we have been accustomed to with the mass produced, ‘depressed’ chicken eggs.

Happy chickens make happy eggs.

736 Seacliff Drive, Kingsville.

Jacob Gartner

Age: 17

Passion: Vintage machine and camera collector.  He is a wizard at anything that involves technology.

Food: Baked Goods

Music: It was Arcade Fire the last time I saw him.

First Impression: Good Dude.

How he might describe himself: Wierd, Random and Fun, a party animal, and knows how to host a party to remember a life time!!! (I got this from his facebook page)

Where might you find him: Down at the gallery, or at his Mom’s Bakery.